Older photo
November, 13 2016        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on Older photo

I found this great photo today taken by Craig Ratcliffe in 2003 for Queensland Theatre Company’s Phedra. Click on the photo to see it fullsize:

Some recent magazine scans
June, 27 2016        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on Some recent magazine scans

Click on the scans below to see them full size.

Wentworth Courier (8 April 2015):

TV Soap (21 April 2016):

Soap World (1 May 2016):

Central Sydney Magazine (1 June 2016):

Wentworth Courier (1 June 2016):

Gallery Update: Photoshoots & Headshots
June, 07 2016        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on Gallery Update: Photoshoots & Headshots

I added 29 new albums to the gallery with headshots & photoshoots of Anita through the years. Click HERE to see all 29 albums. Below are some preview photos, click on the photos to see them full size:

And here’s a new promotional photo of Anita Hegh and Bert LaBonte in All My Sons. Picture: John Appleyard