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Warm-Hearted Cop Bianca Grieve Melts Ice Queen Janet King
In the second in a series on lesbian and bisexual representation on Australian television, we speak with Janet King’s Anita Hegh.
By Sanya Franich

Despite her busy schedule, Anita Hegh is brimming with friendly enthusiasm when she squeezes me in on very short notice for what turns out to be a warm and lengthy chat. She is near the end of the run of All My Sons at Sydney Theatre Co, while by day she is deep in rehearsals for Twelfth Night at Belvoir St Theatre. This is a woman who doesn’t often rest. She is under no illusions about the discussion we are about to have: what was it like stepping into the role of AFP Sergeant Bianca Grieve, and playing opposite Marta Dusseldorp as the new love interest for Janet King, one of Australia’s most prominent TV lesbians.

“Marta is pretty easy to love!” she laughs. “She’s great and she’s really smart. There’s no bullshit, and the work’s really clear. She’s formidable, but she’s also quite playful, so we were able to try scenes in different ways until we felt we had them right. And really, all you need to bring is yourself, and love. It’s about creativity and imagination, like any role.”