Melbourne Theatre Company season 2017
August, 29 2016        Posted By Veronique        Comments Off on Melbourne Theatre Company season 2017

By Florian Zeller, translated by Christopher Hampton (France)

November 2 – December 16, Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre

Cast includes John Bell, Ian Bliss, Marco Chiappi, Anita Hegh, Natasha Herbert.

Director Damien Ryan, set and costume designer Alicia Clements, lighting designer Rachel Burke, composer and sound designer Steve Francis.

Damien Ryan says: “The greatest plays tend to be about family, an area we are all experts in, particularly its dysfunction. This play is a stunningly simple, funny and bitingly theatrical look at a family taking on a challenge that many in the audience will recognise as very close to home. It is, in fact, all of our destinies. We spend a lifetime collecting our identity and possessions around us, but what do we do when our mind begins to divest itself of that identity, when everything we recognise turns strange? The Father reminds us of everything we care about.”