LOTL.com interview with Anita!
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Inspector Bianca Grieve – Capturing The Heart Of Janet King

We spoke with Anita Hegh about the developing relationship between the King and her Queen.
By Sanya Franich

It is always such a pleasure to talk to renowned theatre performer, Anita Hegh, the charming and amiable actress who plays Inspector Bianca Grieve opposite Marta Dusseldorp’s Janet King. She was recently very generous with her time during rehearsal for her upcoming play, and we had a long chat about her future projects, as well as, of course, all things Janet and Bianca.

“So, right now I’m in rehearsals for Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine for the Sydney Theatre Company. It’s the third play I’ve done of hers, and I’m a big fan, so I’m very excited!” Hegh enthuses. “It was written in the ‘70s, although we’re putting it in more of a modern context, because we thought if Caryl Churchill were writing it now, that’s what she’d do. It originally looked at the parallels between racial and sexual oppression, starting in colonial Africa in the 1800s, then cutting to the ‘70s. Ours skips forward to the present and looks at the parallels and the changes that have happened in terms of acceptance to do with sexuality. It’s a really fascinating piece of work.”

Soon after Cloud Nine opens, Hegh will go into rehearsals for The Father, playing opposite Australian theatre royalty, John Bell, founder of Bell Shakespeare. “I’ll be performing one at night and rehearsing another one in the day, so you gotta be match-fit for that,” she says laughing. “But I just love the theatre, it’s great.”