VR Noir Videos
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Older photo
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I found this great photo today taken by Craig Ratcliffe in 2003 for Queensland Theatre Company’s Phedra. Click on the photo to see it fullsize:

Barangaroo Street Fair
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Discover and explore Sydney’s newest neighbourhood at the Barangaroo Street Fair, a great family-friendly day of free entertainment, kids’ activities and talks on Sunday, 13 November 2016 from 10:00am-3:00pm.

The Street Fair is being held in the streets and lanes of Barangaroo, including Exchange Place, Barangaroo Avenue and Wulugul Walk on the foreshore. And it’s all just a five-minute walk from Wynyard Station via the new Wynyard Walk.

One of the activities is the SPEAKERS’ CORNER – STORIES FROM THE STREETS

At Speakers’ Corner you’ll hear fascinating insights and stories from a range of experts involved in the project – on Barangaroo’s history and culture, public art, training, cutting-edge construction, urban design and built-in sustainability features.

The talks start at 11:30am with a Welcome to Country ceremony and finish at 2:30pm. At midday, visitors can see the world premiere reading of a new work called The Hungry Mile by Daniel Keene. The work is directed by Sydney Theatre Company’s newly-appointed Artistic Director, Kip Williams, and will be performed by Anita Hegh and Ben Wood.

SOURCE: http://www.barangaroo.sydney/whats-on/barangaroo-street-fair/

“Loot” screencaps
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Click HERE to see all screencaps from “Loot” in the gallery. Some previews:

Anita will reprise her role as Bianca Grieve in Janet King season 3!
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AACTA award-winner Marta Dusseldorp reprises her celebrated role as season three of Janet King goes into production this week. Established cast members Damian Walshe-Howling, Peter Kowitz, Christopher Morris, Andrea Demetriades, Anita Hegh and AACTA award nominee Hamish Michael, will be joined by Don Hany, Robert Mammone, Susie Porter, Andrew Ryan, Huw Higginson, John Bach, Steve Le Marquand, Arka Das and Adam Demos.

In the third instalment of this critically acclaimed series, Janet confronts a hornet’s nest of illegal gambling, organised crime and money laundering, while investigating the tragic death of a young sports star. What begins as a spot betting investigation soon unmasks elite professional sportsmen and women’s connection to the shadowy underbelly of performance enhancing drugs, match fixing, kickbacks and ultimately … murder.

Produced by Screentime, a Banijay Group company, Janet King is series produced by Karl Zwicky, produced by Lisa Scott, with Hilary Bonney and Marta Dusseldorp as associate producers, with Greg Haddrick, ABC’s Sally Riley and Kym Goldsworthy as executive producers. Written by Greg Haddrick, Felicity Packard, Niki Aken with Alexa Wyatt as writer/script producer, season three of Janet King is being directed by Peter Andrikidis, Grant Brown and Catherine Millar.

Screentime’s Greg Haddrick said “Established as a drama that tackles political, legal and social relevancies head on, this series of Janet King will delve into the world of match fixing and sports science. Marta Dusseldorp’s carriage of this character is exemplary, and we are delighted that this series has attracted such a high calibre of cast to work alongside our already established characters.”

ABC TV’s Head of Scripted Production Sally Riley said, “Janet King’s steely determination to uncover the truth will plunge audiences into the dangerous world of corruption in sport for what promises to be a thrilling third series for this iconic heroine.”

Produced in association with Screen NSW, Janet King is a Screentime, a Banijay Group company, production for ABC.

SOURCE: clpr.com.au

Legacy (short film) stills and behind the scenes photos
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I have added 8 stills and 11 behind the scenes photos to the gallery from Anita in the short film “Legacy”. Click on the photos to see them fullsize.


Behind the Scenes:

Wildside screencaps + videos
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I’ve added screencaps and videos from Anita’s 2 episodes guest appearance on “Wildside” in 1998. Click on the episode titles below to see all caps from each episode.

Wildside > S01E35:

Wildside > S01E36:


Deep Water > S01E04 screencaps
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Anita guest starred on last night’s episode of “Deep Water”. Click HERE to go see all screencaps in the gallery from her in the episode. Some previews:

Sydney Theatre Company 2017 Season: The Father
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By Florian Zeller
Translated by Christopher Hampton

John Bell, Ian Bliss, Marco Chiappi, Anita Hegh, Natasha Herbert

Previews 19 Aug – 23 Aug 2017
Season 25 Aug – 21 Oct 2017

Performance start times
Preview performances 8pm
In-season performances Wed – Sat 8pm; Mon & Tue 6.30pm; Wed 1pm; Sat 2pm

Want to know more about the play and ticket info, go visit sydneytheatre.com.au.

Smaalenene.no: Øvre-journalist met Anita Hegh (2003)
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A very big thanks to Ine (@Bianking4Life) for translating!

“When I get older I hope to travel a lot, and I’d love to travel to Europe where my family comes from.”

That’s what young Anita Hegh (15) from Sydney, Australia, said when she was interviewed by Øvre Smaalenene in 1987.

Now she’s finally here, the Australian actress we know as Ellen Mackenzie in the TV series “Stingers” – on an Easter visit with her aunt Else in Askim.

In October 1987 the “Øvre Smaalenenes” journalist Bent Roni Oterholt visited Australia where he met the Hegh-brothers from Askim; Walter and Harald, after a tip from their sister Else Ingstad in Askim.

Brothers Walter and Harald travelled from Askim to Australia with their father on the passenger ship “Maloya” in 1938. The last 25 years they’ve both lived in the Sydney area, but for many years they moved around because of work. E.g. for logging work in the wet tropical forests in the north of Queensland, where nature seems as cut out of the blockbuster movie “Crocodile Dundee”.

Our dad died as an old man in the small mining town where he lived. Lead, silver, zinc and copper were extracted from the mines, says Harald, who in 1987 was a carpenter.

Harald with his wife Maret and children lived in Willoughby, north of Sydney. Harald’s wife Maret originally came from Estonia.

“Anita goes to high school and is a knowledgeable girl. She can fill you in on forms of political governance, house prices and education. In Australia you start school when you’re five years old”, it said in the article in the local paper.

Maybe you want to send Anita a letter describing what it’s like to live in Norway? You can get the address by contacting the editorial staff. So ends the article from Friday the 13th of November 1987.

I wonder if anyone sent her a letter?